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I created my bucket list, more importantly, implementing it. People around the world on social media inspire me to travel by posting their experiences. Some photos and videos have made me jump out of my bed. With all that inspiration, I have made a bucket list in hopes of completing it one day.

Travel. Diving. India.

Life under water

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I love swimming, but diving was a whole new level of excitement. It’s been four years now, but I still feel the ocean on my skin. As I plunged into the water, time slowed down, and every breath became a gift. While I was too busy enjoying the view, the ocean took away all my anxiety. Marine life is so beautiful that it exceeds your expectations. In my opinion, diving is much better than meditation.

Our first trip after finishing college. As we started planning, our first thought was diving. But not all of us knew how to swim, and…

Three types of string formatting in Python explained in detail with examples

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Implementing string formatting helps with control over the console while printing. It reduces the junk code and makes it much easier to read the code. In this article, let us understand three commonly used string formatting methods.

If you have ever worked with c programming, then this should sound familiar. This uses a % operator to format the string in the program. Commonly used string formatting placeholders are:

  • %s - It acts as a place holder for string or other objects
  • %d - It acts as a placeholder for integers
  • %f - It acts as a placeholder for floating-point numbers

Methods explained with examples

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Extensive markup language supports the hierarchical representation of the data. Understanding parsing and modification of an XML file are important for web scraping. Searching, modification, and processing of the XML document are explained in this article.

For better understanding, let us consider an example XML file:

To parse an XML file first import ElementTree package for parsing an XML file. ET is a commonly used alias for the ElementTree. Parsing is a process where the interface reads the XML documents. After reading the XML file, the interface can perform certain functions like searching, building, modifications.

While the XML…

Helps understand random module better

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Python comes with a variety of random modules to generate a random number. Unpredictability is necessary for most of the computing process. Python uses a pseudo-random number generator. A complete understanding of modules is the key to problem-solving.

Random has many inbuilt modules for efficient programming. By using the dir command, you will be able to print all the methods in the random module.

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The Internet, phones, camera, and social networks continue to thrive and become an essential part of our lives. Logically, you can find thousands of social media uses. Among them, I use Instagram as a diary to keep all my photos to ensure the fond memories are not lost.

I have two profiles, one is for actual socializing, and the other is for keeping my photos. My diary account has no followers, and its sole purpose is to keep my data safe, organized, and caption to represent that moment.

Haven’t you noticed losing some photos and data somehow in the long…

Simple Programs to understand data structure better

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Data structures are used to store data more efficiently. In python, there are four kinds of iterable objects which are used for the collection of data. The four data structures in python are Lists, Tuples, Sets, Dictionary. These data structures are used from simple programs to complex programs. Proper understanding and usage of this data structure help run efficiently.

Travel. Hong Kong. East Asia.

A city surrounded by islands.

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Traveling places always gives me happiness. Hong Kong is one of the most beautiful places I have visited. It is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Traveling in Hong Kong is a different experience, with luxurious roads, tall buildings, and attractive places to visit. Hong Kong is made up of more than 250 islands and a couple of offshore islands in Hong Kong are known for their best scenic spots.

Hong Kong is called the Pearl of the East, and it is the city of dreams, hope, and love. Although Hong Kong is the most expensive city…

Orange got its name from the oldest language in the world

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There are times when something crosses your mind, and you suddenly think about it. Sometimes it may seem silly, but there are opportunities to gain knowledge through these thoughts. These thoughts led to some research and found an interesting fact about how the name orange came about.

Have you ever wondered about which came first orange color or fruit — I did and took a wild guess that color came first and, the fruit was named after it, but I guessed wrong.

How the fruit orange got its name is an interesting tale — The orange fruits are named after…

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